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Tibetan Goji Berries

We just put up the start of the new Tibetan Goji Berries Health Benefits section of Foodlywise.com (http://goji.berries.foodlywise.com) where we'll discuss the real health benefits of goji berries and try to steer you through the hype around Tibetan / Himalayan Goji Berries benefits. We'll compare Tibetan goji berries health benefits with those of the Dragon Fruit Cactus Fruit (also known as the Pitaya Fruit or Pitahaya Fruit) and examine goji berries diabetes control as it compares to dragon fruit diabetes control among other aspects of dietary control of diabetes (dietary control of type 2 diabetes).

Diabetes DragonFruit Salad & Trader Joe's Dragon Fruit

Personal Note from the Developer

As described in detail at the DiabeticLifeDiet dietary control of diabetes website, I find that dried dragon fruit pitaya fruit sold as Trader Joe's Dragon Fruit at Trader Joe's market helps my diabetic blood glucose control - but Trader Joe's is always running out of their dragon fruit. If you ever visit a Trader Joe's make sure you ask for it - and harrass them if they don't have it in stock! It makes a significant difference for me in my personal battle against diabetes without drugs and medications. Thank you for your help!

Diabetes Dragon Fruit | Trader Joe

Trader Joe's is again out of dried dragon fruit here in Northern California. They've been out for months now. They say as during the last outage that it is a 'discontinued' item and not in the computer. However, last year it did come back. We inventory Trader Joe's dried dragon fruit in a refrigerator - but our supply won't last forever. Ask your Trader Joe's manager to bring back dried dragon fruit whenever you shop at Trader Joe's.


The first easy wok recipe using the one-pot wok cooking method is posted at wok.recipes.jumboprawn.com - a site devoted to wok recipes which involve wok cooking and jumbo prawns and jumbo shrimp (or even normal sized prawns and shrimp).


A second easy wok recipe is now up at wok.recipes.jumboprawn.com - jumbo prawns in the wok with portabella mushrooms, red bell peppers, purple onions and other healthy foods and served with ambrosia apples as a garnish to the final wok recipe all cooked and ready to eat.

Wok Cooking at FoodlyWise.com

It's been a long time coming but we finally have gotten some good work put into the wok cooking part of foodlywise.com located at wok.cooking.foodlywise.com explaining wok cooking methods for healthy and simple wok cooking of great natural ingredients.