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The Dragon Fruit Pitaya Fruit section is our first entry called a 'booklet' entry - all about Pitahaya fruit.

Newly added is the Tibetan Goji Berries section with a special section about Tibetan goji berries diabetes blood glucose control (type 2 diabetes). 

Foodlywise.com will tell you about the health benefits of eating natural healthy foods. As we start, we have the new Tibetan Goji Berries health benefits section. The Foodlywise goji berries section and the Tibetan Goji Berries (Himalayan Goji Berries) pages of Foodlywise.com will explain, explore, and expose the health benefits of goji berries and tell you what goji berries nutrition benefits and goji berries health benefits are hype and what benefits are reality. We'll compare Tibetan goji berries health benefits with those of the Dragon Fruit Cactus Fruit (also known as the Pitaya Fruit or Pitahaya Fruit) and examine goji berries diabetes control as it compares to dragon fruit diabetes control among other aspects of dietary control of diabetes (dietary control of type 2 diabetes). The Dragon Fruit section covers in depth dragon fruit, including how to grow dragon fruit, how to eat dragon fruit and diabetes dragonfruit salad meals to for dietary control of diabetes.