Foodlywise will give you information on gourmet fruit, healthy fruit, healthy foods for healthy diet and lifestyle, diabetes related links for diabetic diet and dietary control of diabetes and lots more foodly wise food and food nutrition and diet information. Foodlywise provides foodly wisdom to help you live a better life through eating better and more nutritious foods. Have a healthy diet to live longer and happier. Learn what foods help create a diabetic diet to fight diabetes and diabetic blood glucose control. Learn how foods like fresh dragon fruit, dried pitaya fruit or pitahaya fruit can help control diabetic blood glucose levels. explains the health benefits of eating natural healthy foods.

Visit the Dragon Fruit Pitaya Fruit section to learn about the healthful and nutritious dragon fruit and it's history, healthful properties and use as a diabetic diet aid to help control diabetic blood sugar levels.

New, we are just adding a Tibetan Goji Berries section about the goji berries health benefits and special discussion of the Tibetan Goji Berries Diabetes benefits.